'Enabling people to connect and communicate through technology’

Over two decades ago, one man established a cabling company under the premise Quality Network (QNET). Now, an Executive Director of 8 Business Units he created a family mentality, and so Unity Group was successfully established in 2016.

Together creating and focusing on one mission alone, ‘enabling people to connect and communicate through technology’.

Unity has worked and continues to work with a vast amount of companies all over the country. Vowing to consistently demonstrate commitment in all its endeavours. Creating a wealth of understanding and experience under the Unity name.

After repeated successes in the technology industry, Unity revisited its strategic business structure and incorporated a business element, therefore establishing the Unity Biz Group as we know it.

Unity group Inc today as we know it evolved from a simple subcontracting cabling company into a powerhouse holding company for a range of diverse businesses covering all aspects of technology and businesses, touching many market areas, to the extent that we find our family working within a number of key sectors in business.

The Group has a portfolio of businesses all over the UK. The businesses operate in the IT & Communication sector, training sector, financial sector, Software sector, Communications and data wholesaler sector and marketing sector. The group has grown through diversification and development in recent years. Working in a variety of different sectors ensures a wider spectrum of understanding.