Team Members


The Head of Unity Group and Go To Market (GTM) is Simon Scotchbrook. Operating under the guise of Chief Executive Officer, Simon oversees the running of individual businesses within the groups. Working closely with their directors, Simon offers his expertise and experience into ensuring the successful running of businesses.


David is the Non-Executive Chairman, who has accumulated years of knowledge and expertise

over his lifetime. He holds senior position roles across different businesses including Non Executive Director at Newcastle Rugby Ltd.


Gavin is the Managing Director for Unity Tech. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from working across businesses within the ICT industry over the past decade. Roles have included managing a telecommunications business unit, running a data centre and communications wholesale business and sales within an IT firm.


Paul has the role of Chief Technical Officer within Unity Group. His knowledge across all

aspects of IT and Communications is second to none and leads him to provide top-class expertise within the field. Paul’s history is in running technical and support elements of IT firms, whereas more recently moving into product development and training around technology.


Stephen is the head of software and systems development company Red Robot Systems. Stephen has operated in many roles over his career, all within a technological field and background. His analytical and logical understanding of processes and systems allows for successful product development and implementation within businesses.


Heather is the Finance Manager for Unity Shared Services - Brunel, she oversees end-to-end finance operations, financial planning and analysis. She makes

improvements to current existing procedures and controls as well as working on ad-hoc projects. Her goal is to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success. Her skills and specialities vary across a spectrum of financial and business support solutions.


Shaun Jones is the director of cabling and contracting firm Total Contracting Services. Coming

from a background of the industry, Shaun brings a wealth of experience and knowledge across data and infrastructure solutions that leaves many in envy. He

has taken the business to a 7-figure turnover with a client base that stretches right across the UK.


David manages Agile IT, an IT and communications Specialists. He has gained a vast wealth of experience in a range of industries, whilst working within the Unity Group. With a history in marketing, he has greatly applied this understanding and skill set to the IT and Support Industry.


Carolyn is the director of Agility People Services, a firm delivering training and skills knowledge to individuals and businesses. Carolyn has developed a great sense of people skills from working in HR and training roles throughout her career. She is able to effectively train and share her skills to other businesses, whilst

being qualified by different accreditations and governing bodies.


Dale is a director at Stratus Technologies. At University, he studied software and programming with his career starting out in a software position within an IT firm. Since then, his career has progressed, working in project management and technical roles for IT & Communications businesses. He has built up this knowledge to be able to successfully handle the day-to-day operations of Stratus.


Connor is Operations Director of Unity Tech . Learning his trade from his Father. He has experience working within trades and is not afraid to get his hands dirty, a trait that put him on the right path for a successful career.


Megan is the HR Coordinator across the whole Unity group. Working with the CEO and directors, she provides guidance and support for both management and staff. As a people centred role,

her focus is on introducing protocols and direction to all members of staff,

which will provide clarity in their role and workplace.


Sarah is the Operations manager, she supports and implements processes and practises across the business group ensuring the units work in the most efficient way and is well co-ordinated and productive. This involves

formulating strategy, improving performance, procuring materials and resources and overall securing compliance.


Vicky is the accountant for Unity Shared Services - Brunel. Victoria has worked

within a finance capacity all her career since completing her University degree. She has a variety of skills that vary across a spectrum of financial and business support solutions which has gained through her time working at Unity and from the skills she gained at University.