The Unity Group has been doing some changes as of late. Remodelling of the structure entailed welcoming new employees to help our family grow and develop. We have said goodbye to some amazing staff as we welcomed new staff that are sure to be fantastic. New roles have been appointed, with Megan Horkan taking on the role of Head of Human Resource as part of the Unity People.

On her employment, Megan said “Being in the role of HR coordinator with an energetic and growing business is so exciting. I can feel how engaged everyone is to perform at their best ability and as HR, I am here to continue that motivation. My aim is to promote Unity throughout the companies and encourage an honest and open culture where people really love coming to work.”

A new department has been established throughout the pandemic, so we are excited to see how the new Unity Ops Centre gets on. Acting as a mediator between businesses and making sure the work is completed. Sarah Ashby and Gavin Scotchbrook collectively took on the roles of heading the new operations team. We wish them every success at getting this department of the ground. Gavin and Sarah both expressed their delight and commitment to the new roles. Brunel & Associates, T-side Connect, Unity People, and Unity Ops Centre have been combined to create the Unity Shared Services within the group.

“There’s been quite a lot of changes happening recently around the groups, but I am positive it will help improve efficiency and operations across all the groups. I can already see a difference in the atmosphere of the businesses and the way they work. It’s a positive restructure that I believe we needed.”- Chief Executive Officer Simon Scotchbrook.